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About Us


Our mission is to increase happiness of customers and consumers via delivering world-class quality essential products cost efficiently.

About Us


About Us


We value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standards.

About Us


We strive for excellent performance in everything we do.

About Us

PASSIONWe are passionate about growing our business globally.

About Us


We value innovative efforts, ideas and methods to continually improve
our business processes.

About Us


We work as one team to achieve our corporate goals.

About Us


We pay careful consideration to people’s health and safety.


With advanced quality and food safety management systems of international standards – FSSC 2200 and AIB, MCC takes pride in offering value-added grain food products that consumers can buy with confidence, knowing they are of high quality, convenience and safe for consumption.

Understanding the importance of technological advancements to product competiveness in the market, MCC makes non-stop improvement to its production facilities and equipments with technology of advanced food safety and labor safety; and focuses its resources on manpower training and development. Cost of MCCs’ quality products is, therefore, always maintained at the most competitive level.

Flour production line

Engineered by Buhler, MCC’s fully automated flour premix production line can control mixing process accurately using software. All flour premix products such as crispy frying mix, Vietnamese pancake, corn starch, tapioca starch, etc. and cake mix products are always of excellent quality and consistency.

About Us

Pasta production line

Italian-made high precision extrusion die, expertise in rice starch treatment and stringent selection of materials, together with accurate control of processes contribute to the creation of various types of pasta in that are homogeneous in shape, naturally chewy and good for health.

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Noodles production line

Egg noodles production line with breakthrough innovation in dough kneading and rolling – simulating traditional noodles-making methods – together with automatic nesting and drying equipments bring about nice noodles nests which are delicious, naturally chewy and good for health.

About Us


Certification of food safety management systems



Domestic market: The products of Meizan CLV Corporation (MCC) are distributed all over Vietnam via both traditional and modern channels. Across Vietnam, MCC’s premium macaroni, premium noodles, and crispy frying mix, etc. are stocked in small family shops, grocery stores, and markets, using our traditional distribution methods. Harnessing the power of our logistics networks, the Meizan brand is always within reach of our consumers. By building this relationship, our consumers’ confidence continues to grow. By expanding into the modern methods of distribution, MCC are gradually building a presence in the large supermarkets such as BigC, Co.opmart, Co.opfood, VinMart, Lotte, Emart, and Aeon, etc.

Foreign markets: Alongside the expansion in the domestic markets, MCC’s products are starting to become established in regional markets including Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and China. Meizan continues in their mission to work with their international partners and develop their brand presence.

About Us
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