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All-purpose Tapioca Starch chewy and smooth

Originating from the inspiration of diversifying high-quality products in the kitchens of families, MCC launches Meizan All – Purpose Tapioca Starch which is commonly and flexibly used in many recipes and baking.


Produced on modern technology lines, Meizan All-Purpose Tapioca Starch is mainly composed of cassava starch for natural fragrance, perfect fineness, water-solute and chewy in texture during processing. In particular, the product does not contain preservatives and bleaches to ensure safety for consumer’s health.

MCC believes that Meizan All – Purpose Tapioca will be the perfect choice for families in processing traditional and modern delicacies. At the same time, the product aims to strengthen Meizan’s brand awareness and expand the market by exploiting the potential already available at Horeca channel nationwide.

Phuong Thao

All-purpose Tapioca Starch chewy and smooth