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The convenient, tasty MEIZAN seasoned crispy chicken mix now available on the market

In the Vietnamese culinary culture and food traditions, fried dishes are favored for the convenience in processing, distinctiveness in flavor and tasty appetite. With that in mind, Meizan Seasoned Crispy Chicken Mix is launched to share the secret of recreating crunchy, crispy and tasty fried dishes.

The convenient, tasty MEIZAN seasoned crispy chicken mix is now available on the market

The new crispy mix in the form of dry seasoning powder is extremely handy when it comes to household cooking. In particular, MEIZAN Seasoned Chicken Crispy Mix is made from premium Australian flour, using modern production technology to create your irresistible mouth-watering crunchy and crispy fried foods of fuller coating, golden color and rich flavor.

Most importantly, the product is carefully seasoned to suit the taste and nutritional requirements of young children. This is also the commitment that Meizan CLV demonstrates to bring quality products to Vietnamese consumers.

We believe that Meizan Seasoned Chicken Crispy Mix will become the favorite product for your family.

Phuong Thao