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All-purpose Tapioca Starch

Produced on modern technology lines, Meizan All-purpose Tapioca Starch is mainly composed of Tapioca starch for natural fragrance, perfect fineness, water-soluble and chewy in texture during using.

INGREDIENTS Tapioca starch (100%)
PACKING 400g x 12 packs/ carton
1kg x 10 packs/ carton


Meizan All-purpose Tapioca Starch is a basic ingredient for making har gow skin, bubble milk tea topping pearl and traditional cakes such as steamed layer cake, tapioca dumplings, sticky rice cake, phu the (xu xe) cake, etc.

It can be used as thickening agent in sauces, soup and sweet soup; or used as texturing agent in fish cake, steamed pork roll, beef ball, fish ball, sausage, etc.