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Seasoned Crispy Chicken Mix

Meizan Crispy Chicken Frying Mix is made using premium wheat flour. This is the secret to make your fried chicken extra crispy suitable with consumption trend, without compromising health or taste.

ingredients Wheat flour (30%), rice flour, corn starch, chili powder, pepper powder, curry powder, onion powder, salt, INS621, INS500(ii), INS450(i)
packing 50g x 60 packs/ carton


Use this mix to add a thin and crispy coating to your deep-fried dishes such as chicken, pork, fish, etc.

Wash and drain your ingredients.

Heat some oil over a medium flame, drop in your coated ingredients and deep-fry until golden brown, just how you like it.

Put your ingredients into a sealed container, add your Crispy Chicken Frying Mix and shake well until everything is evenly coated. Leave for 5 minutes to allow the flavors to infuse.

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