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Vietnamese Pancake Mix

Vietnamese Pancake Mix is specially made with rice flour and a secret blend of coconut milk and turmeric powder that keeps your pancakes thin and crispy. To achieve the perfect pancake, use Meizan Pancake Mix with a non-stick pan.

ingredients Rice starch, wheat flour, corn starch, natural coconut milk powder, turmeric powder, iodized salt, dried onion, raising agent (INS500(ii))
packing 400g x 6 packs/ carton


Add 400g of the pancake mix to 900ml of water and stir until smooth with no lumps.

Pour in a thin coating of the pancake mixture into a non-stick pan and add the cooked ingredients. Cover the pan for one minute.

Put shrimps, pork, thinly sliced onions, and steamed green beans into a pan and fry.

Open the lid, drizzle a little bit of oil around the edge of the pancake to make it golden and crispy. Serve the dish with raw vegetables and a sweet and sour fish sauce.