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Crispy Deep-fried Tilapia

If you’re bored with fried or stewed fish, or regular fish soup, you can change the taste for the whole family with deep-fried tilapia. The crispy fish meat mixed with a crunchy, batter coating with Meizan Seasoned Crispy Frying Mix will satisfy the tastebuds perfectly. This dish is best served hot!

Crispy Deep-fried Tilapia


  • Meizan Seasoned Crispy Frying Mix: 150 g
  • Tilapia with bone removed: 500 g
  • Dill
  • Nam Duong Oyster Sauce
  • Salt


Clean the tilapia, remove the bones so you are just left with the fish meat, cut into bite-sized slices to your preference.

Stir the flour with water using the ratio of 1 cup of flour to 1/2 cup of water, until the dough is smooth and free from lumps.

Put the finely chopped dill into the flour and mix well, then dip the tilapia through the flour mixture.

Add oil to the pan, heat the oil until boiling, then deep fry the fish until golden then remove.