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Thai Stir-fried Macaroni

Thai stir-fried macaroni is a perfect variation of the familiar Pad Thai dish, just replace the noodles with macaroni and you have yourself a new recipe! Fans of macaroni: don’t miss out this dish, it’s really delicious.

Thai Stir-fried Macaroni


  • Meizan Premium Macaroni: 200 g
  • Fresh shrimp: 300 g
  • Dried shrimp: 30 g
  • Chicken eggs: 2
  • Tofu: 100 g
  • Pickled radish: 15 g
  • Tamarind juice: 40 ml
  • Sugar jaggery: 80 g
  • Purple onion: 15 g
  • Fish sauce: 40 ml
  • Nam Duong Chili Sauce: 60 ml
  • Bean sprouts, chives: 80 g
  • Peanuts: 10 g


Boil the macaronis for 10 – 12 minutes. Take out of the pan and run them under cold water, drain. Mix with 1 tablespoon of cooking oil so that the macaronis don’t stick together.

The sauce: put the sugar, fish sauce, tamarind juice, and chili sauce together in a pan and heat until the mixture dissolves to liquid.

Cut the tofu into into small cubes and fry until golden. Then add stir fry the purple onion, pickled radish, peeled fresh shrimps, and dried shrimps.

Add macaronis, bean sprouts, chives, and sauce to the mixture and stir. Crack the eggs into a pan and fry quickly. Mix the cooked eggs together with the rest of the mixture.

Put the mixture onto a plate and serve with peanuts.